DSComp #02 — Pastor’s Promise

Pastor’s Promise

by Deborah K. Lauro

When Nicole’s seven year old daughter, Rachel, is caught shoplifting in front of her pastor, Nicole wishes she could disappear in embarrassment. Instead she accepts his offer for counseling and help in switching Rachel to the church’s school.

Pastor Nathan Morris knows that Nicole’s little girl has never known a man she can trust completely. Neither has Nicole. When he can’t find a sponsor to help with the school’s tuition as he promised, he can’t bear to see her disappointed and pays for it himself. When Rachel asks to call him Daddy, Nat is too surprised to realize the implications until Sunday morning.

Rumors now abound about his relationship with Nicole. How can he keep Nicole from being hurt, especially when he is unsure himself how he really feels about this woman who has sacrificed so much to raise her bright but disillusioned daughter alone.

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Cover Design by Sarah Thomas (except I had to add my name, so it doesn’t look as nice as it does when Sarah first made it. Not sure what happened to the file with my name in it that she did.)

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