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Welcome to the Maze Maker, located at To help explain some of the parameters for making a maze, and other common questions, a FAQ (last updated 12/04/2003) is available to assist you.

If you are able to support in the continued operation of this site, and improvements to this site, then please make a suggested donation of $5, or $20, or more. More info to come later, however I am planning to make available an area with special features available to those who send a donation via paypal. (This is NOT considered non-profit for tax purposes). Thank you.

Check out the special Halloween maze with a hidden picture inside. It is not random, so unlike most of the other mazes it will not change when you reload it. I am not artistic, so hopefully it will not be too difficult to figure out what it is once you fill in the maze. Please comment on the maze in the forums, or let me know via e-mail if you would like to see similar types mazes with hidden pictures in the future.

Rectangular Mazes — The classic rectangular maze generated randomly to your specifications.
Christmas Tree Mazes — Make mazes shaped like a Christmas tree.
Valentine Mazes — Valentine shaped mazes are here for your enjoyment. They are a little crude in shape, but functional….

Note: For various reasons (mostly due to the shape) of the mazes, the rectangular mazes are generally the easiest, and the valentine mazes are generally the most difficult.