Accident #02 — Shane’s Secret

Shane’s Secret

by Deborah K. Lauro

Four months ago Shane’s best friends were in an accident, caused by a someone swerving into their car on the expressway, leaving his friend Kyle with a severe head injury from which he’d never fully recover and his friend Scott suffering from guilt. The hit and run driver was never caught, but Shane now thinks it might be the man that Scott has befriended at work, but proving it will be almost impossible without bringing his friends more pain. He consults with an attorney and meets Amber, a paralegal working for Scott, who invites him to dinner to meet a man with his same last name. He agrees to go, just to get to know Amber, but he tells her that he probably could not tell the man if they were related, since he hadn’t seen his father since before his eighth birthday. How can he help Kyle see beyond his own pain and regain the compassion he used to have? And will Amber help him?

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