DSComp #01 — Angels & Bettas

Angels & Bettas

by Deborah K. Lauro

Julie Hansen works as a CPA in the accounting firm that her parents started together. After her father’s death, Julie has taken on most of her father’s duties as well as caring for his mother, her grandmother. In her spare time she breeds angelfish. But Julie’s life is upended when her mother decides that Thomas, a fellow CPA, would make a great husband for her. Julie doesn’t want to disappoint her mother, but the more she comes to know Thomas, the more she realizes that her mother isn’t seeing this man clearly and she cannot marry him. Besides that her thoughts keeps going back to a betta breeder she ran into at the pet store.

This book was written as an attempt to break into the romance lines in publishers of the Christian Booksellers Association. Julie Hansen and her family are members of the same church that Paul, Elizabeth and David Israel are, so Paul and Elizabeth make appearances in supporting roles.

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