Science Fiction Novels

The science fiction novels currently are all part of one series. I’ve written a little before this series, but I’ve only found paper and floppy copies, and it may be quite some time before it is reworked.

Austin’s Playground is a penal world in the far reaches of explored space. It was once owned by Austin Enterprises, a biotech corporation, and it is where they had their scientific research facilities. After a major riot the planet was annexed to the penal system. Our first story opens approximately 150 years after the riots with a 186 year old geneticist, a prototype in artificial intelligence, and a planet full of deadly man-eating reptile dragons.

As each story below is placed online, the title will link to its page where you can download the story.

It All Begins Here

Hansell’s Dragon — the first book written in this series.

Hansell’s Hope — sequel to Hansell’s Dragon


Hansell’s Apprentices

The next three novels are much shorter and I had debated placing them under one cover titled Hansell’s Apprentices if a paper version ever emerges.

Aben & the Dragon — a short novel which takes place during the same time period as Hansell’s Dragon.

Hansell’s Apprentice — Sequel to both Aben & the Dragon and Hansell’s Hope.

Aben, the Dragonslayer — Sequel to Hansell’s Apprentice



The Escaped Experiment — Prequel to Hansell’s Dragon.

The Orphaned Experiment — Sequel to The Escaped Experiment.

The Married Experiment — Sequel to The Orphaned Experiment.

Geoff’s Story — This is also a prequel. This book is after The Married Experiment by at least 60 years.


And then we have:

The Flying Elk Cluster — This book is a companion and takes place slightly before Hansell’s Dragon, but the character’s don’t overlap until…

The Discovery — Sequel to both The Flying Elk Cluster and Aben, the Dragonslayer.

Sakiya’s Story — Companion novel

The Phoenix Foundation — Sequel to both Sakiya’s Story and The Discovery, but after writing it completely twice, I am not satisfied and need to rewrite it again when I figure out exactly how it should go.


Other stories:

A Doggle’s Tale — This short story prequel perhaps isn’t finished, although to me there isn’t much more that needs to be written. It takes place only about ten years before Hansell’s Dragon, and the main character makes an appearance in The Discovery. I’ll probably post it for the curious since at this time I don’t intend to do anything else with it.




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    The titles don’t seem to be linked to anything? I would love to read your stories here!

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