Grace Pillow
by Deborah K. Lauro

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scan graph

The model was stitched on an 18 ct linen square with #5 pearl cotton and Caron Watercolours. Each square on the graph equals 2 by 2 linen threads. Cross Stitches are done over 2 threads. Watercolours is a varigated thread, so each cross stitch must be completed before going to the next to achieve the color variation in the model. Also, Watercolours is a 3 ply fibre. Use only one ply when stitching.

Use DMC #895 in #5 Pearl Cotton to Backstitch the words.

Use DMC #801 in #5 Pearl Cotton for the Pin Stitch border. (Pin stitch is simply a satin stitch over 4 threads all the way around the words.)

Use Jade Watercolours to stitch the "-" symbol and the straight stitches for the leaves and stems.

Use Wildberries Watercolours to stitch the ")" symbol of the flowers/berries.

Copyright 2001 by Deborah K. Lauro at You are free to photocopy and distribute this pattern for non-commercial purposes. Please leave the copyright and byline intact. Do not place on another website or sell. Shopowners may photocopy and distribute free to patrons. Questions or comments, please email