Ephesians 4:4 Bookmark
from HereandAbove.com
by Deborah K. Lauro

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Ephesians 4:4 graph

Design Size: 28 x 103 squares

1 3/4 by 5 3/4 inches on 18 ct Aida

With lace: 3 1/2 by 8 inches

Copyright 2001 by Deborah K. Lauro at hereandabove.com. You are free to photocopy and distribute this pattern for non-commercial purposes. Please leave the copyright and byline intact. Do not place on another website or sell. Shopowners may photocopy and distribute free to patrons. Questions or comments, please email dlauro@hereandabove.com.


18 ct white aida fabric 5 by 10 inches
1 yard 3/4" lace
Floss: Any DMC or equivalent floss may be substituted.
Model stitched with:
NN 1571 Needle Necessities -- Watermelon Ice
NN 140 Needle Necessities -- Creme de Menthe
NN 147 Needle Necessities -- Copper Pennies
DMC 5279 -- Copper Metallic


1. Backstitch the verse with one strand of NN147 Copper Pennies. Backstitch the words "ONE" and "ONE GOD" with 1 strand of DMC 5279 Copper Metallic. Hint: When using metallic thread, only use a small piece - 12" or less - and only thread it through the needle a short way. The section of thread that touches the needle will wear quickly and become unusable.

2. Backstitch the vine and cross stitch the leaves (the # symbol) with two strands of NN 140 Creme de Menthe. Note: Needle Necessities is an overdyed floss with graduated shades of color. To get a graduated color effect on your vine, do not double over the thread, but use two separate strands with colors matching up. Cross each cross stitch as you go. (If using a solid DMC color equivalent then these additional instructions are unnecessary for you.)

3. Going around the book marker another time, stitch the flowers with NN 1571 Watermelon Ice. These are both Symrna Crosses and Algerian Eyelets. See mini graphs for instructions. Work thread under vine thread in back when going from one flower to another.

4. Stitch the verse attribution with Copper Pennies last.

5. Cut the fabric 8 squares away from the design on all sides. Starting at the middle bottom, zig zag lace to the front of the bookmark. (This design will also fit nicely on a prefinished bookmark available in most cross stitch craft departments.)