Heart Bookmark
from HereandAbove.com
by Deborah K. Lauro

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Heart Bookmark Heart bk graph

Copyright 2001 by Deborah K. Lauro at hereandabove.com. You are free to photocopy and distribute this pattern for non-commercial purposes. Please leave the copyright and byline intact. Do not place on another website or sell. Shopowners may photocopy and distribute free to patrons. Questions or comments, please email dlauro@hereandabove.com.
This bookmark is stitched on a white 18ct aida prefinished bookmark with Needle Necessities overdyed floss and DMC floss.

Colors used on the model are:

NN 136 "Navajo Turquoise" for the Rhodes Hearts (see graph below), the border and the four center hearts which are completed one stitch at a time in vertical rows.

DMC 3765 for the Smyrna cross bands (single row of stitches)

DMC 2766 for the Smyrna cross checkerboards, the alternating half stitch bands, and the Rhodes star (see graph below).

Use 2 strands of floss throughout. Overdyed floss should not be "folded" to make 2 strands because the colors will not coincide. You need two identical strands going in the same direction to achieve the color change in the model.

On the graphs below, the lines indicate fabric threads and the holes are the holes in your fabric. (This is opposite the way we read most cross stitch graphs, but easier to show the individual threads in the holes.)

In these diagrams, your needle will come up through the fabric at the odd numbers and go down at even numbers. Sometimes you will use the same hole more than once, and it is numbered accordingly.

Smyrna Cross
Smyrna Cross

Rhodes Heart
Rhodes Heart

Rhodes Star

Work in a clockwise direction, coming up on the outside of the stitch and going down closer to the center. When the stitches in the graph are complete, place a cross stitch over two (four) squares in the center.
Rhodes Star