Beloved Hardanger Bookmark
by Deborah K. Lauro

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Beloved Bookmark Beloved Graph

Copyright 2001 by Deborah K. Lauro at You are free to photocopy and distribute this pattern for non-commercial purposes. Please leave the copyright and byline intact. Do not place on another website or sell. Shopowners may photocopy and distribute free to patrons. Questions or comments, please email
This bookmark is stitched on 24 ct antique white linen using Needle Necessities overdyed floss and DMC.

Colors used on the model are:

NN 178 "Coventry Gardens" -- purple threads on the graph. Note: Overdyed floss should not be "folded" to make 2 strands because the colors will not coincide. You need two identical strands going in the same direction to achieve the color change in the model.

DMC 502 -- green threads on the graph.

When working on linen each square of the graph equals two by two fabric threads.

1. First stitch the modified kloster block border with 3 strands of NN 178. This is a satin stitch in which there is just as much thread on the back of the work as the front.

2. Stitch the long kloster blocks which border the cutwork with 3 strands of NN 178.

3. Stitch the symrna crosses (see graph below) with 3 strands of NN 178.

4. Stitch the flower with 3 strands of NN 178 in satin stitch.

5. Stitch the leaves with 3 strands of DMC 502 in satin stitch.

6. Place a symrna cross in the middle of the flower with DMC 502.

7. Backstitch the words with 1 strand of DMC 502.

8. Work Nun's Stitch with 1 strand of DMC 502 (see graph below) all the way around the bookmark.

9. Cut four threads from the top and bottom of the cutwork sections where the dark black line is placed on the graph being careful not to cut your stitching. Pull the cut threads.

10. Attach a double strand of DMC 502 to the back of the long Kloster block. Bring it up to the front in the middle of each of the cut sections and weave it across the open area, attaching to the other side. (See graph below.)

11. Cut out bookmark, just beyond nun's stitch on the side and 1 1/2 inches longer than the top and bottom. Ravel the top and bottom to the nun's stitching.

On the graphs below, the lines indicate fabric threads and the holes are the holes in your fabric. (This is opposite the way we read most cross stitch graphs, but easier to show the individual threads in the holes.)

In these diagrams, your needle will come up through the fabric at the odd numbers and go down at even numbers. Sometimes you will use the same hole more than once, and it is numbered accordingly.

Smyrna Cross

Nun's Stitch

Nun's Stitch is not as complex as all those numbers make it seem. You simply do 2 stitches on top of one another in both directions. Once you follow the numbers for a few stitches, it'll make sense.


The top section is approximately how the stitch will turn out. Also it will straighten out as more is completed.
The bottom section is how you start.
1. Attach thread under kloster blocks on left side.
2. Bring needle to front of fabric.
3. Go over 4 threads. Working from RIGHT TO LEFT, insert needle under two threads and then over the 2 leftmost threads (as shown.)
4. Swing eye of needle up and around to the Left side. This will twist the threads.
5. Pull needle and thread through until taunt.
6. Repeat steps 3-5 across. Attach thread under kloster blocks on the righthand side of work.

For more hints and tips on Hardanger embroidery, visit Nordic Needle's Tips page.